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Additional Legal Challenges To Healthcare Law Likely

Additional Legal Challenges To Healthcare Law Likely.

Politico Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (7/4, Haberkorn) reports that additional legal challenges to the President’s healthcare law are likely, “and the next ones just might help Republicans keep pushing their favorite political hot buttons.” The next wave of suits are “going after pieces of the law that happen to be red meat for many conservative voters – like the law’s contraception mandate and a new Medicare panel that Republicans call a ‘rationing board.'” Another possible challenge, which “would try to block the feds from offering subsidies in a federal health insurance exchange, is meant to exploit a loophole in the law. But it could also be a good ‘messaging hit’ — allowing them to attack the subsidies they see as a budget-busting new entitlement.”

        NYTimes: Administration Should Be Aggressive In Pushing Healthcare Law. An editorial in the New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (7/4, Subscription Publication) criticizes the White House for being “halfhearted in its sales pitch” on the healthcare bill. The Times notes that while business groups “allied with Republicans have spent $235 million on television ads attacking the law with false accusations, with the vigorous aid of Mitt Romney and his campaign” Democrats and the Obama campaign “have been amazingly reluctant to speak up for the president’s biggest accomplishment and tell voters what’s in it.” The Times concludes, “It’s past time for the White House and the Obama campaign to set aside their diffidence and begin playing an equally aggressive offense.”